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On Tap: New Formula E racers, Classic Sports Cars and a Resin IPA.

It's Thursday at 5PM on the East Coast, which means it's about damn time to crack open a beer. A local brew and quality design inspiration are the perfect combo to get those creative juices flowing.

Take some time and unwind with some of the best sports car design to come out recently before you head home. Or, if you're also in a startup, head back to work for a few more hours...


1. Formula E Meets James Bond


Meet the SRT05e. It might look like a fanciful designer's sketch come to life, but the car's funky shape means improvments in aerodynamics, weight, and efficiency of the drivetrain.


Spark Racing Technology released this initial design after they won the bid to create the next generation of chassis for the Formula E championship.

Original post by Racer

2. The $18 million Sports Car


The legendary sports racing car won Le Mans 3 years running in the 50s before a batch of them were converted for road use. Only 16 were ever made. Now one of them is up for bid.


Original post by Forbes

3. The Most Powerful Sports Car Ever

6.5 V12 producing 789 horsepower and 530 ft.-lb. of torque, linked to a dual clutch gearbox. Take that in for a second. This beauty not only looks good, but is the fastest production car Ferarri has ever made.


Original post by Road and Track

Happy Thursday everyone!



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