Beth Hutchings

Beth is a writer, designer, and a confirmed printed pants addict. She spends her time hiking, seeking out dogs to pet and plotting an office prank war.

Posts By Beth Hutchings

Happy Hour Design Roundup: Wearables Tha...

Beth Hutchings   |     10, Mar 2017

Customer Spotlight: Fabricating Reality ...

Beth Hutchings   |     04, Mar 2017

Design Guidelines for 3D Printing

Beth Hutchings   |     28, Feb 2017

Happy Hour Design Round-Up:  Sports Cars

Beth Hutchings   |     16, Feb 2017

Common Problems with 3D models: 7 Questi...

Beth Hutchings   |     12, Jan 2017

How to Export an STL File for 3D Printin...

Beth Hutchings   |     12, Dec 2016

STL Files for 3D Printing Explained

Beth Hutchings   |     05, Dec 2016

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